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Effortless Autumn: Aki Fights the Oomukade by SakuraSetsuna Effortless Autumn: Aki Fights the Oomukade by SakuraSetsuna
This is my made up video game screen shot for the contest "The G.A.M.E."
Video Game Title: Effortless Autumn
Main Protagonist: Aki
Scene: Set in 2180, Aki is in the end of a stage in the game, fighting the Oomukade who killed her father, or so she thinks...
What is an Oomukade?: An Oomukade is a Japanese mythological beast. Half woman half centipede. It mostly keeps to itself, living in forests and caves. It only comes out to seek a male human to copulate with in order to breed. It has venom glands on it's stomach and elbows. It can also inject venom using it's maxillipeds under it's head and on the tip it's tail. They are regarded as extremely beautiful. The actual Oomukade that killed Aki's father is much larger than this one, and has such great beauty it could not be depicted in this scene. Aki will later realize that this Oomukade did not kill her father and it is in fact the offspring of the original one and him. She goes through much emotional turmoil with the fact this creature is her half-sister, and she was the who slaughtered it.
Aki's Bio:
Age: 24
Height: 168cm, 5'6"
Weight: 63kg, 140lb
Clothing: Aki is wearing a modern kimono with no sleeves and a short length for easy travel and battle. Her obi has a tateya musubi knot. She has geta, a traditional Japanese footwear. She is also wearing suneate(shin guards) from an authentic ō-yoroi(samurai armor) passed down by her father. The shin guards were all that remained undamaged or not destroyed over hundreds of generations using it.
Weapons: Aki carries with her a halberd named "The Equinox." She also keeps a kunai inside her thigh that she can throw or stab someone for a quick escape.

Here is the progress of it being made [link]
MissHotaruY Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
How cool *_* ... and scary.... BUT COOL! Why does the backround look so realistic in comparison to the characters? that's the only thing I don't like that much, but it's not because it's bad, it's jutst my personly opinum :D
SakuraSetsuna Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's an artistic background.
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